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Benefits of distance learning

Wide availability

Distance learning (online learning) allows large companies, whose offices are located in different cities and countries, to train their employees at the same time, while saving on travel and food costs. And the ability to make learning materials available from home also allows people with disabilities to learn while staying in touch with other students at all times.

conference call

E-learning can be conducted and supervised by experts. The learning content can be updated at any time, so if you are a student you will always have access to the latest information.

saving money

One very important advantage of online courses over traditional ones is that they are cheaper to set up, hence the cost per student is lower. In addition, they can be reused by an indefinite number of people. Suitable for both small and large companies and universities.

Quick and easy knowledge test

Last but not least, e-learning makes it quick and easy to test knowledge by taking tests or uploading projects based on pre-set tasks. Thus, teachers can track the pace of development of each student and the results that he achieves.

Disadvantages of online and distance learning

Like any other system, they also have their drawbacks. The main disadvantage among which is that both teaching methods rely on digital resources.

  • Online learning is possible when students have regular access to relevant technologies. If your students do not have constant access to computers or other devices during lessons, this learning cannot be implemented.

  • If online learning is used in many subjects, it will result in increased screen time and vision problems.

Distance education is certainly not a magic wand and there is always room for learning in the classroom. At the same time, distance learning still has a lot of untapped potential to reach students where they are and connect teachers and people who want to learn in new ways.



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