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Best Android Launcher Apps

The way we organize, arrange, and interact with our Android phone is known as a launcher. Launchers are typically composed of a group of home screens, on that, we will arrange our widgets and app shortcuts and conjointly an app drawer. Before downloading don’t forget to download best vpn apps for android.

the favored options of the automaton in operation system, with its limitless customizable choices, are without doubt the most important reason for its total dominance of today’s smartphone industry. Personalization potentialities are endless, of either the default OS functions or by the installation of 1 of any of the over one hundred launcher apps for automaton from the Google Play Store.

All automaton phones have an in-built launcher, however, whenever those drop the ball, there are many third-party launchers conjointly capable of choosing it up and sound it clear from the park.

you'll find android launchers that may cause your device to emulate different smartphones, just like the iOS (iPhone) smartphones, or assist you with group action your smartphone together with your home- or office- environment, or perhaps to cause your automaton phone to behave a lot of sort of a different kind of automaton phone. There are some launchers, for example, made to provide the user’s smartphone with the texture and appearance of the favored Google per phone. 1. Nova Launcher

One of the primary and most well-liked launcher apps for automaton to date, the star Launcher boasts of such a lot of distinctive options and customizable choices that it's generally tough knowing wherever to start describing them from.

If you're into tweaking, and micro-management, to urge everything done right, then the star is a wonderful launcher to have.

star is quick, lightweight, and efficient. It supports notification badges, dock customizations, a choice to show ofttimes used computer code because the prime picks in its app drawer, icon and folder customizations, dozens of hand gestures, and a number of other others.

2. Evie Launcher Evie’s lightweight launcher merely doesn't quit and it utilizes its gestures in the simplest ways. This automaton launcher is versatile enough to let users change quickly to its options whereas conjointly permitting their temperament to show through.

Evie is one of the quickest automaton launchers that are utterly free, so you'll expect to urge a lot of tweaks and optimizations to assist in dashing up your automaton launcher experience. You may also back up your Evie settings associate degreed layout onto Google’s cloud-based drive.

Since the Evie Launcher app is completely free, contemporary updates could generally take a short while before they come. However, they're typically well worth the wait.

3. Google currently Launcher

Google currently Launcher was developed as an in-house app by Google itself. The automaton computer code is targeted at users of non-pixel devices who don't fancy their in-built launcher, but rather, like an explicit automation experience.

not like different launcher apps for android, the Google currently Launcher search bar style is customizable, right from your home screen.

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